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Growth happens the moment one opens their mind.

As a UX designer empathy is a strength. As an empathic individual I have found a home practicing user-centered design. I learned about UXUI design as I was on my way to law school. The change came after I began to research careers that fit my personality type and my strengths. This research lead me to a youtube video that described the role of a UXUI designer- this changed the game. As I dug deeper I found that the shoe fit, very well. I honestly never thought I would enjoy “working” until I found UXUI design. My first step in the design direction was with a Udemy course where I learned Adobe XD. From there I went on to do extensive research on the field, best practices, and design principles. After finding a plethora of valuable information on my own I found that there was no structure to the information I was receiving. That is when Ironhack Miami became my hub for support and guidance. I was fortunate enough to work with the great and talented David Fast who generously passed on a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. The knowledge and structure I received from Ironhack has molded me into a successful and ever-growing UXUI designer.

The adventure does not stop there. I am constantly learning and growing and refining myself to become better and better for myself and my clients.

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